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Change Your Lifestyle with The Daniel Plan

As the Lenten season draws near, the members of Wheeler Avenue usually prepare themselves for the Daniel Plan. We are charged to change our lifestyles by eliminating unhealthy eating and bad mental habits. As I continue into a journey unknown with a supportive body of believers, my faith, fitness, focus, food intake, and friends (the 5 Essentials of the Daniel Plan) will increasingly grow stronger as […]

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Hello world!

Greetings, I’m SheldaRay! This blog will feature a variety of photographs that serve to capture moments on my faith-based journey towards the unknown. I am a goal setter and I strive to accomplish all of my goals but things may happen….unforeseen things. Some things may not necessarily go by how we plan them because God already has a plan for us. So when I write, “journey towards the unknown”, I am referring […]

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