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Are You Capable of Waiting?!

Have you ever waited on someone or something? And expected something great to come out of waiting? I know that feeling. It’s like waiting for a bus at a bus stop under the blazing sun…like driving 15 mph in traffic knowing good and well that you have some place to be…like waiting in a waiting room past your appointment time…like […]

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Affect Many Lives…Check!

May 14, 2015 was the day that I became part of 42,000 Teach For America alumni. These past two years as a teacher and corps member were challenging yet rewarding. There were times when I was frustrated, times when I was filled with joy, times when I cried, times when I was hopeful, times when I was homesick, times when […]

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Quiet Time: Journal Challenge

To be honest, I allowed other things and situations to distract me from my relationship with Christ. I was doubtful concerning certain decisions I made and I worried about the unknown concerning my job, my place of residence, and other life aspects. While I continued to read my Bible and pray daily, I failed to pray about these situations and […]

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