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The Perfect Prescription for Society

With so many issues arising in our society, many fail to realize, or even acknowledge, what's lacking. I recently visited the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta, Georgia and entered the Dr. King exhibit. One of his handwritten sermons focused on agape love. He stated that agape love is needed to overcome evil. Even though he wrote that years ago, his sermon still holds true today. Love is the perfect prescription for society.

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….but what really matters??

#BlackLivesMatter. #AllLivesMatter. #BlueLivesMatter.  These are all the variations of hashtags that have engulfed the internet within the past few days. #BlackLivesMatter surfaced roughly 3 years ago after the verdict was read on the Trayvon Martin case. It began as a simple hashtag but grew into a movement. #AllLivesMatter surfaced in response to #BlackLivesMatter to imply that Black lives are not […]

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Are You Capable of Waiting?!

Have you ever waited on someone or something? And expected something great to come out of waiting? I know that feeling. It’s like waiting for a bus at a bus stop under the blazing sun…like driving 15 mph in traffic knowing good and well that you have some place to be…like waiting in a waiting room past your appointment time…like […]

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