Quiet Time: Journal Challenge

To be honest, I allowed other things and situations to distract me from my relationship with Christ. I was doubtful concerning certain decisions I made and I worried about the unknown concerning my job, my place of residence, and other life aspects. While I continued to read my Bible and pray daily, I failed to pray about these situations and tried to figure it all out on my own. So now I’m in the process of rekindling my relationship with Him.

Thus, I made a commitment to journal my communication with God DAILY…CONSISTENTLY, during my quiet time. I got this idea from a blog post written by Heather Lindsey a few years ago and decided to try it for myself.

As I take on this journal challenge, I will:

  1. Thank Him for all He’s done for me and will continue to do for me.
  2. Talk to Him about my day and what’s been on my mind.
  3. Ask Him for the wisdom and knowledge to gain understanding of His word. 
  4. Pour my heart out to Him.
  5. Praise His name.

This is a way for me to bring every problem, challenge, situation, and praise to Him…to put God first. There will come a time where I won’t need to journal anymore because prioritizing God before any and all aspects within my life will come naturally to me. But I have to discipline myself first before I can reach that far. Until then, will you join me on this challenge?


Here’s a photo of me at this year’s Audrey H. Lawson IMPACT Awards Luncheon and Fashion Show held by the Women’s Guild of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston, TX. It was rewarding to witness successful Black women who made an impact within various communities in the state of Texas!

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  1. I love journaling because besides helping me organize my thoughts, it also provides a written record of my journey with the Lord. My journals are His precious interactions with me! and as my pastor used to say… a short pencil is better than a long memory!!

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