Final Days of the Daniel Plan: A Roller Coaster Ride!

Within the last days of the Daniel Plan, I found myself going through a storm, as highlighted in “Test…Anxiety?“. Looking back at that rough period, March 19-27, 2015 to be exact, I was at a crossroads concerning certain directions I should take within my life and I was a bit overwhelmed, which took a hit on my physical well being. It took a while but I overcame that storm and became spiritually stronger and more dependent on Him as a result.

Immediately after that rough period, my church had what was called Holy Week. Throughout this week (March 30-April 3) the sanctuary was open for prayer at the 6 am hour, 12 pm hour, and the 6 pm hour. Since I work full time, I attended the prayer service at the 6 pm hour every single day. Let me tell you. After a full day of standing on my feet and managing twenty-two 7-8 year olds, I get emotionally and physically DRAINED, so lying on my bed surrounded by my pillows is definitely where I want to be at the end of each working day. But I made it to prayer, exhausted everyday that week…and guess what? I left the sanctuary feeling physically and mentally recharged every single day that week!!!

Boy! Isn’t God’s timing impeccable? After making it through the storm, He provided opportunities for me to be refueled and recharged by the power of prayer, fellowship, and the reading of His word! He pulled me through and had something great waiting for me afterwards!

On this Resurrection Sunday, April 5, 2015, I officially end the Daniel Plan. This journey was like that of a roller coaster: it started low and rough with a cold and unpreparedness, then jumped high with contentment and consistency, and then stooped all the way down and through a tunnel filled with challenges, but ended with a light and spiritual strength and power!

As I’ve learned to trust in God and put Him first throughout this journey, I’ve come to realize that He strategically placed certain people in my life to serve a purpose. With a loving family, faith-filled friends, the support and teachings of my pastors, I found that this journey would have been dragged out longer without these critical people in my life and I thank God for having these people as part of my support system!

So, I want to hear from you! Can you recall a period in time where you went from feeling on top of the world to being hit with a storm? Did you seek strength from the Lord to pull you through? Do you have people in your life that will support you, advise you, and hold you accountable? Please share!

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