The Power of Solitude

As I continue my journey through the Daniel Plan, I’ve noticed that I am most comforted when I am alone. Do I love to fellowship with my family of faith at my church? Yes. Do I enjoy nice chats with my coworkers? Yes. Am I thankful for the support and presence of family and friends? Yes. And I try to surround myself with people who love the Lord and seek to live their lives according to His will.

But there’s just something powerful about solitude.

Rick Warren identifies certain actions that can help you get God’s power. He highlights prayer, obedience, and victories of trials and tribulations as necessary ingredients to obtain God’s power. I find that those actions can be supported by having quiet time in solitude.

In solitude, I tend to meditate after reading His word. In solitude, I get a chance to pray and listen to His response. In solitude, I reflect on certain aspects of my life and try to better align those aspects in order to glorify His name.

There are many other things that are powerful about solitude. What are some things that you gain while in solitude?

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  1. Solitude is that private place Christ has taught us to seek out God and humble ourselves before Him. Thanks Shelda for sharing how being alone with God has strengthened your life. For my solitude with God has awakened my spirit to receive His grace, forgiveness and love. It’s critical for me to spend time in meditation so I can place Him above everything else in my life. Christ be with you always.

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  2. I’m trying to find more time for solitude so that I can truly reflect and strengthen my bond with The Lord. I find that it is easier to make excuses and look for ways out of spending that time. When I am able to find it though I do enjoy the reflection and seeking answers about myself and life in general! Really great post! xoxo

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  3. I think believers have to schedule solitude.. and i think that’s different than just being by yourself. solitude is purposeful time that we spend seeking and pursuing God. It’s absolutely essential b/c its in those time we can most easily hear the still, small voice of the Spirit! Thanks!

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