Change Your Lifestyle with The Daniel Plan

As the Lenten season draws near, the members of Wheeler Avenue usually prepare themselves for the Daniel Plan. We are charged to change our lifestyles by eliminating unhealthy eating and bad mental habits.

As I continue into a journey unknown with a supportive body of believers, my faith, fitness, focus, food intake, and friends (the 5 Essentials of the Daniel Plan) will increasingly grow stronger as a consequence thereof. These next 40 days will challenge me and I know I will need God to see me through my successes and failures.

I challenge those readers who included faith, fitness, and nutrition in their New Year’s resolution to purchase the book, “The Daniel Plan” and sign up on and go on this 40-day journey with me this Lenten season. Will you challenge your body and faith this year?




  1. And – avoid products with binders and fillers in them.

    You will definitely feel even more fresh and stimulated once your diet plan is done.

    ‘She’d only taken the recommended amount of pills but was scared because her heart was going 10 to the dozen,’ her father told The Daily Mail.


    • I agree. I tried this plan last year and felt renewed throughout the duration of it. I’m doing it again this year with a different mindset and I hope to grow even stronger than I did last year!


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